Welcome to the world baby Mason | with essex newborn baby photographer Sarah Firkins from The Baby Art Boutique.

Welcome to the world baby Mason Robert Grant !!

It was a hot sunny day, a very very hot sunny day, in Essex, when baby and family photographer Sarah Firkins went to meet 8 day old Mason and his Mummy and Daddy ( Becky & Richard) at their Colchester
home for his first new born baby photoshoot. 



Hello I am Sarah professional photographer from The baby Art Boutique
and I had the absolute pleasure of being invited to the home of the Grant family to photograph this special time in their lives. 


I was greeted to a very warm welcome. Especially from the family pet dog Gracie, who just had to give me a good kiss when I walked in. Once we had settled and had a little chat and once Mason had finished his top up feed we began to snap away. Mason was a little superstar and dosed off quickly and posed beautifully for me. He had the most cutest coos and loved a little sigh. Chatting away to me once he was awake, in his own little way.  We moved around the family home together scouting out some lovely features and spots to photograph baby Mason with Mummy and Daddy. 

 Masons nursery had been carefully hand painted by his Mummy ( Becky) in a stunning woodland theme with gorgeous unique pictures and plaques made by Becky and her friends and family. This made the perfect spot to photograph Mason naturally surrounded by his new belongings that were carefully chosen just for him.  

Capturing new bonds and fresh un-breakable love forming in this new family in a natural lifestyle fashion was just magical. Reading together, books that will become so special over time. With family heirlooms featured as well, the precious memories of the first few days with all its magic, for this gorgeous family will be held dear for many years and even generations to come. 


The cute little Gracie knew exactly how to strut her stuff and seemed to love all the attention, simply adorable !! how wonderful to see the new beginnings of Masons and Gracie's relationship, one that I am sure will bring love and laughter throughout the Grant family home over the years to come. 



 Thank you Becky and Richard for sharing this special time with me, I wish you both and your adorable Mason ( and not forgetting Gracie)
much love and happiness. 


Sarah xx