Little Rory's eager appearance for his Newborn Baby Photoshoot - Essex

 Little Rory couldn't wait to arrive in this big wide world!


Rory's mummy and daddy were very well prepared and had booked their newborn Photoshoot with The Baby Art Boutique by Sarah Firkins Photography nice and early, ready for their long awaited new baby who was due in April 2017.


But on 13th March 2017, one month early ! Rory had decided he was ready to meet his Mummy and Daddy, they rushed to Colchester General Hospitals Maternity Unit, where Rory could wait no longer and was born, weighing in at a tiny 5lbs 12oz.  Lucy & Richard had waited a long two years for their first baby to arrive and when he did they were over the moon when he was born all healthy with no complications.


Lucy quickly emailed me to tell me Rory had arrived and we re-scheduled his session for the first available slot I had. So at 7days old I got to meet Rory, for his V.I.P Newborn Session. 


We started the morning by looking through all the different coloured backdrops, wraps and props in my baskets of goodies and discussing, what would go, with what and how I would try and incorporate the families heirlooms into the session.  We decided we could use Mummy and Daddys Wedding rings, Rorys first Jelly Cat Rabbit and 'Super Ted' a family teddy heirloom.

Rory had a good top up feed and we cracked on. Rory, loved my baby shhuusher / white noise machine and quickly fell into to his poses. He was so comfortable that he didn't like me flowing him into the next pose, but he soon settled after each move and was even that much of a pro model he threw in some smiles for us.  At one point we even managed to get Teddy the familys pet dog to pop in the shot and say hello.
I do believe that Mummy shed a couple of 'Happy tears' throughout the session, seeing her beautiful baby looking so happy and relaxed and looking so very cute.


After a short snuggle and feed break, we made a start on parental shots with the very beautiful Lucy and Richard, both together as a family and individually. We most certainly ended on a giggle as Rory decided to do a little wee- wee on Daddys leg, not too much so we carried on, only for Rory to start up again and absolutely soak his Daddy. Poor poor daddy !!.

I must say this was one of my most favourite sessions, Rory you are a star and I could have photographed you all day. I wish you all a great start as a new family and I hope to see you all again soon as Rory grows and develops.

lots of love Sarah

p.s. feel free to share your sneak peek... 


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