World Prematurity Day | Colchester

 A little story from one of most favourite Newborn Baby photo shoots in Colchester.

Ayah's Story .....

It was a while ago now that I heard that one of my dearest friends world was torn apart when she was told that her pregnancy was not quite going to plan, this much loved un- born child was unwell and due to this they were both rushed off into hospital in order to help baby and mummy as much as possible. They were both given the absolute best care any one could have asked for. Each day that followed brought new hope, each day that baby stayed in the womb was a day closer to safety. The days rolled into weeks, those new hopes were raised and dashed and raised again. Finally at 27 weeks little Ayah could wait no more in her mummies cosy womb. The specialists decided that the day had come when she needed to prove that she could continue fighting outside of the womb and begin her life with mummy and daddy. The weeks that followed were a continuous rollercoaster. As Ayah began to get stronger it wasn't long before she received her first Mummy and Daddy snuggles.  Ayah continued fighting over the months to come and was allowed to move to a Special care baby unit nearer her home and finally one joyous day Ayah was sent home to spend her new precious life with her family. After a few weeks at home after her feeding tubes were no longer needed and were removed. I had the absolute honour of taking her very first professional photographs for her loving family to treasure for a lifetime. What a privilege to be part of this wonderful families lives at such a precious time. Ayah was a beautiful model through out her Newborn photo session she was totally relaxed and her mummy and I worked together to ensure that all of her needs were met during the session.  Ayah is a true miracle, she still has a few health issues but is amazing everyone daily with her strength and determination. I am so looking forward to her next photo session in a few weeks. A huge pat on the back to all Dr's and nurses who do an absolutely fantastic job saving lives of these most tiny precious bundles on a daily basis.


Here is a little snip from her mummy as the family celebrate World prematurity day today her words are much better than mine....

It's world prematurity today and I would like to just take a minute to thank my friends, family and most of all the NICU staff at both Aden brooks and Colchester for all their love and support. Our little miracle was born at 27 weeks weighing just 760g...the day Ayah was born time stood still and fear took over us like a dark cloud...we soon realised that our tiny little girl had more strength then we ever could imagine...we watched her fight for her life everyday. We didn't know what to expect from one day to the next it was an emotional roller-coaster with huge highs and major lows...but her strength kept us going. I'm sending lots of love to those mummies and daddies out there that have had a premature are amazing! Be proud of yourselves ❤ The strength and persistence of a premature baby fighting for life is unwavering, as is your love for them. Hope for a miracle, believe in miracles and hold onto your miracle tightly. Xxxxxxxxxxx




Please find the Colchester Miracle Babies Just giving page to help them continue to provide the wonderful service that they do here




Colchester  Hospital are also currently trying to raise funds for a garden for patients of the maternity wards to use to spend time to relax and reflect I am sure this would be a fantastic help to parents of babies in SCBU.Please feel free to check out their page to see what its all about.


Just a few images form Ayahs Newborn Photoshoot.