Preparing for your session.

If you bathe your baby on the morning of the session, please avoid using baby oils as they can leave a shine on baby’s skin.   Please also dress baby in button-up or popper up clothes i.e a baby sleepsuit, without a vest or any clothing that needs to go over his / her head. This is so we do not simulate or upset baby too much when preparing baby for the shoot.  Have to hand any personal props or heirlooms that you may wish to have baby photographed with such as blankets, teddies, scan photos or jewelry.  As a bespoke photographer, I am happy to accommodate your own props, but only if I deem them safe to use.


Clothing for baby
The only item I ask that have is a vest for your baby, in case your baby doesn't take too well to being without their clothes.  My style of photography is quite natural just baby, as they arrived into the world, with limited use of wraps, hats and hair bands. I am happy to photograph baby in a special outfit you have but please remember newborns often get lost in clothing, outfits make it hard to pose and capture all babies features.


The room preparation

My sessions are held in your home, Crank up the heating as baby will be undressed and lightly wrapped, the room will need to be warm (Bahamas warm) approx 25 celsius. Babies lose body heat quickly so I will be monitoring baby to ensure their body temperature stays where it should be. You and I will be toasting, so I recommend you wear loose layers to peel off when needed.  

When I arrive the first thing we shall do is discuss the best places in your home to photograph your baby, I will then set up any equipment that may be needed. My mobile mini studio consists of a large beanbag with a blanket support frame. A softbox lighting system, and props baskets.  If space is a premium then I shall discuss with you other options, sofas and bed make perfect places to pose your baby. You may find that this setup time is a good time for you to offer baby a top-up feed so he/she will be nicely full up (milk drunk) ready for photos.

The Session
           The flow of the session fully depends on baby I will work with baby awake or asleep. Most of my shots are relaxed and unposed however if you are a fan of the cute curly womb-like poses your baby needs to be in very deep sleep if they are awake or lightly sleeping their startle reflex may kick in easier making it more difficult to pose baby safely for these poses. Every baby is different and they all have their likes and dislikes one may not like his/her hands brought to its face yet another may love that so I work with baby, working out what is comfortable for them and will NEVER force a pose. In order to help baby into a deep sleep, I will use a baby shusher, a magic device that gives out various shhh sounds and I will use my very own baby whisperer techniques that I have learnt over the years. You will find that my sessions tend to be very relaxed and I want you to feel you can sit back and relax and enjoy the session. I will call upon you to help out supporting baby when needed, so you can sit back on your sofa and chill or you can sit right beside baby however you feel comfortable.  I will guide you through every stage of the session, explaining what I am doing and why. We will stop for breaks if your baby needs to have a mummy or daddy cuddle and we will stop for feeds when necessary. Your baby will never be left alone, I will always be right next to the baby.


Sibling and parental shots
    All sessions include parental and sibling shots. I will work with you to achieve these shots at some time during the session. If you have small tots that may get bored of waiting, we will work on these shots early on in the session so they can go and play. Big sisters and brothers often like to cuddle and love their babies a little too hard, so in some sessions it may be necessary to take shots of baby and sibling separately and then I will edit them together.  

Parental shots can be anything from just your hands holding the baby to full family portraits, you can get involved as much as you wish. I often hear mums saying they don't feel like posing for photographs with their just given birth look. But I do encourage all parents to be involved somehow. You do not need to be facing the camera smiling to be photographed with you baby, I have many different poses that can capture the connection and love between you without you even looking at the camera.

If you are wanting to include parent shots, I want you to feel as comfortable as possible, meaning that I do not tell you what to wear, but will say that plain outfits work better than bold prints or logos. A simple white vest top with blue jeans works perfectly!

My Skin to skin images can be achieved by wearing vest tops for the ladies or gents can go topless ( if they are brave enough ! )


Messy bits
        Now it is a case of when not if your baby wee’s, poop’s or brings up milk on my props, equipment, you or even on me so please do not worry about any mess or indeed do not apologise. I am happy to get stuck in cleaning it up and carrying on, laughing about whatever sticky mess they throw at me. For lifestyle shots, I will bring with me messy mats to protect your furnishings.

       I have taken every precaution to keep your baby safe. I have taken the appropriate Newborn Photography Training and will work with your baby's safety as paramount. If at any point you feel unsure about something I am doing please do speak up. As I said earlier I will tell you everything I am about to do and why I am doing it.



After your session, I take your images and carefully select the best of the best to produce your unique gallery. I hand edit each photograph and sort out any backdrop imperfections and lightly edit any baby blemishes. I will always ask if you prefer things like milk spots to be left in or if you would like them smoothed away where possible.


Proof Gallery

Your proof gallery will be ready for viewing within two weeks of your session.  Where you will be able to choose your final images and products.

So Don't forget!!

* Most importantly, stay relaxed do not worry if your baby takes time to settle into the session, it is perfectly normal for me to be soothing a baby for an hour or so before we even get a single photograph. Remember a photography session is a very new experience for a baby and some babies like to be very nosey and see what's happening!

*Keep your room toasty warm.


*Avoid baby oils on baby’s skin, on the day of the session.

*On the day, Dress baby without garments that need to go over their heads.


*Extra top-up feeds may be required. (being a model is thirsty work)


* Have to hand any props you would like me to consider using.


*Messy things happen at every session, I will be surprised if I get through a whole session clean.


*Shushy sleepy baby sounds will be played through the session, don’t panic if daddy falls asleep too (they often do)  


*Sit back on your sofa or right next to baby, whichever you feel comfortable with. I will always ask for help if I need it.


*Please keep mobiles on silent during the session.

*Please do not photograph the session on your own camera or     
mobiles without asking me.


*Speak up if you feel unsure about anything I am doing.

* Your Proof Gallery will be ready within two weeks of the session.

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