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Fleeting moments,
indescribable love, little characteristics captured and never forgotten


Bespoke newborn sessions  are the perfect way to freeze in time, everything that you long to remember forever.  Brought to you in the comfort of your own home, you will be able to simply relax and enjoy the time with your baby, while they sleep and I gently photograph them, creating lifelong memories together. 

getting to know you...

No two sessions are the same. During an initial getting to know you chat we will establish your vision and then design a unique personalised session suited to your family, be that a stylized studio set up at home session or a more natural candid lifestyle at-home session, with your home as the perfect backdrop.


my style...

As an artist, I am a huge fan of timeless pure simplicity, and capturing your baby as the main focus of your final artwork. I do have an ever-growing collection of simple wraps, delicate hats, and dainty handcrafted headbands that will not take the focus away from your baby, available for your use should you wish.


baby leads the way...

My Newborn Sessions are suitable for babies up to 8 weeks old, but are ideally held within the first two weeks of your baby's birth, these sessions are fully baby-led, un-rushed, calm and relaxing allowing plenty of time for you to enjoy your baby and family.  Your baby's safety & comfort are at the forefront of every session, your baby may not be happy to be posed in the same way as a photograph you have seen on my page or the web. If this is the case we will move on to what your baby does like. I have taken newborn safety and posing training and keep up to date with the latest best practice. The older your baby is less flexible and curly they become, hence if you are a fan of womb-like poses your session should ideally be held in the first two weeks of birth.


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the bespoke



A newborn session with me includes:

  • A session design consultation & session prep guidance including tips for helping your session run smoothly, as well as, help with choosing your wardrobe.

  • A relaxed at home photography experience, with your choice of studio art, lifestyle shots or a mixture of both.

  • Optional use of a selection of backdrops, wraps, delicate hats and head ties

  • Optional Sibling and parental shots

  • Detailed image art and retouch production of your final images.

  • A personal online  gallery to view all of the best images from your session


no hidden costs


All-inclusive packages that include
a fully bespoke photo session

prints and digital images included

from £245

contact me for a chat about your session needs.

The newborn gallery

whatever your style, we will design your session just for you.
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The newborn gallery

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The newborn gallery


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Fantastic experience with our newborn photoshoot! Sarah is extremely talented, she was able to capture our son perfectly and with ease. The photos are of excellent quality and there are lots to choose from on the usb stick as well. I would highly recommend

Marilize, Colchester

The newborn gallery



once they have outgrown their tiny vests,
your fresh newborn memories will live on.... (47 of 107)
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Joanna from Tiptree said... 2019 revie

'Sarah is just incredibly thoughtful, she prepares well and the combination with her talent
just creates such amazing pictures that we will treasure for ever. Thank-you Sarah.